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GreenSmoke is by far my favourite electronic cig. I smoke it personally on a every day basis (well, no smoke is actually involved). The people at Green Smoke have put together the right combination of a lovely company, offering a solid product, & then supporting that product & its customers.  The GreenSmoke may cost a small over a quantity of the other products out there, but in this case you get what you pay for with a great product & great service. Offering six flavors, four nicotine levels, four battery sizes, 3 chargers (car, home, pc), & a direct plug in cartridge holder that you are able to use in any USB port the Green Smoke offers all the available options i have seen for a leading edge electric cigarette.GreenSmoke offers several varieties of starter kits at different cost levels, my recommendation is the regular starter kit with four batteries, & a “sampler” of the cartridge flavors to see what your favourite is, mine is defiantly chocolate!

The Green Smoke is actually simpler to smoke than a regular cigarette, no lighter is involved. Seriously though, its two piece design (more on that later), the treaded screw on cartridges, the variety of chargers, its automatic “hit” sensor, the lighted tip; everything about this product was designed for ease of use.Service/Shipping:
Unsurpassed in the industry. My original order shipped the same day my order was placed. i have also placed several orders for refill cartridges that have all shipped the day of/day after my order was placed. they have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. The one time I did must contact customer support, because I had accidentally selected the wrong flavor before submitting my order, a actual person answered the 800#, quickly found my order, & changed the flavor to what I wanted.

Many people debate whether there’s real health benefits in switching to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes disperses  a fraction of the nicotine that you will otherwise consume with every puff of your regular cigarettes besides that when tobacco is burnt, it emits other harmful chemicals that affect your lungs and your health in general. Electronic cigarettes definitely do not have all these harmful chemicals.

Are you struggling to quit your smoking habit? Do you know that besides nicotine tobacco cigarettes have 2000 other harmful chemicals that can affect your health? Do you know that to get the necessary nicotine fix you  need fraction of the nicotine that you take in while smoking tobacco cigarettes? Though plenty of people smoke for several years they have no idea even the basic facts about smoking. Today there’s options to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes or Ecigarettes are becoming increasingly popular and you can also switch to electronic cigarettes. there’s plenty of advantages in switching to e-cigarettes.

in case you have been smoking for several years, then you would have probably ruined your dental health as well. You will be spending plenty of money on your dentist in the finish. By switching to electronic cigarettes you can avert the danger of ruining your teeth. Moreover, when you do the math, you will recognize that electronic cigarettes while still giving you the necessary nicotine fix, will cost you much lesser than your regular cigarettes.

Another great advantage in using electronic cigarettes is that you can use them even in non-smoking zones as this is not classified under smoking. you can enjoy your cigarette while in the bars or at your dinner without having to be worried about secondary smoking effects on people around you. Your members of the relatives won’t look at you with contempt anymore for making the curtains and upholstery stink with the smell of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not emit strong odor that is common with tobacco cigarettes.

Not plenty of people take the following factor in to consideration but in fact this factor ought to be treated more serious than the other factors that is you can save yourself from unnecessary fire accidents that result from smoking and from tossing cigarette butts without properly putting them off. You need not must look for ash trays or bound to ashtrays while enjoying your smoke.

However, the quality of your experience will depend  on the quality of the e-cigarettes that you choose. there’s plenty of brands obtainable in the market. To identify the best brand electronic cigarettes can be a challenging feat. It can be sometimes boring if not frustrating to try various brands only to recognize that they the electronic cigarettes that you try only waste your money but not give you quality smoking experience. To make things simple for you they have reviewed all the top brand electronic cigarettes and rated them for you. you can take advantage of the electronic cigarette reviews that you find here. Also, use a greensmoke promotional code!

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