Reasons to switch to ecigs (Greensmoke Promo)

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Manufacturers promote electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes by claiming that most of the harmful material produced by the combustion of tobacco in traditional cigarettes is not present in the atomized liquid of electronic cigarettes. Despite claims that electronic cigarettes are safer, because they contain no carcinogenic substances, manufactures include warning labels with their products, because they contain nicotine.
According to Cancer Research UK, “For a smoker, the health hazards of continuing to smoke greatly outweigh any potential risks of using nicotine replacement therapy”.[24] It may be worth noting, however, that while electronic cigarettes are purported to deliver nicotine to the user in a manner similar to that of a Nicotrol inhaler, no electronic cigarette has yet been approved as a medicinal NRT product or provided the necessary clinical testing for such approval. Moreover, doubts have been raised as to whether electronic cigarettes actually deliver any substantial amount of nicotine at all.
Research carried out at the University of East London on the effects of the use of an electronic cigarette to reduce cravings in regular tobacco smokers showed that there was no significant reported difference between smokers who inhaled vapour containing nicotine, plus those who inhaled vapour containing no nicotine. The report concluded that although electronic cigarettes can be effective in reducing nicotine-related withdrawal signs, the nicotine content does not appear to be of central importance- plus that other smoking related cues (such as taste, vapour resembling smoke) may account for the reduction in discomfort associated with tobacco abstinence in the short term.
Though manufacturers have marketed electronic cigarettes as a way to curtail an addiction to nicotine, international health organizations have stated they may not be marketed as a cessation device. Some regulatory agencies have issued warnings regarding the health effects of these products. The recently formed Electronic Cigarette Association aims to eliminate unsubstantiated health claims made by electronic cigarette companies, plus those companies that wanna participate in the association must agree to refrain from making such claims.In a recent online survey from November 2009 among 300 smokers, it was found that e-cigarette substitution for tobacco cigarettes resulted in reduced perceived health issues, when compared to smoking conventional cigarettes (less cough, higher ability to do exercise, plus a better sense of taste plus smell).
Ecig atomizers won’t last forever, on average they last about 2 monthw. sometimes they only last a few weeks; however they can last for 6 months or more. It all depends on how much you use your ecigs & how well you take care of it. keep in mind that the coil inside the atomizer is heating up & cooling down every time you take a drag; this is  stressful on the small coil. This is part of the reason that Greensmoke has a 2-part system that gives a new atomizer each time.
The most common reason an atomizer will go out is due to overheating. A regular cigarette only lasts about 20 puffs. it is a lovely suggestion to take a break from your electronic cigarette after you take 15 puffs. This will give your e-cigarette time to chilled down & prevent over-use of your electronic cigarette. you may require to take a break more often in the event you are in a hot area. The key is to constantly check the temperature of the atomizer along with your fingers; if the atomizer is hot you ought to let it chilled down. NOTE: When you are using your e-cigarette the atomizer is always going to be warm, you don’t require it to get hot. in the event you use your e-cig a lot you may require to have 2 different e-cigarettes this way one will be cooling down while you use the other one.
The manufacturer recommends that you switch between 2 atomizers every day. That means that you will be using 2 atomizers, one on odd days & one on even days. This ought to help improve the lifespan of both atomizers.
One of the most important things you can do to keep your atomizer chilled is keeping your cartridge filled with liquid. you ought to seldom use your e-cigarette without liquid in the cartridge. in the event you start to notice that the amount of vapor is decreasing you ought to add some liquid to your cartridge. in the event you still don’t get more vapor your battery is probably low on power. If your battery is fully charged & there is liquid in the cartridge & you are not getting much vapor you   certainly require a new atomizer.

New York is thinking about a state-wide ban, due to the concern of some health officials that e-cigarettes can be addictive, and could hook children early and legally on smoking. Several concerns with public safety have also been raised. But some advocates say that e-cigs are beneficial since they can help break the habit of smoking. Also, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley said that e-cigarettes had great potential reducing the morbidity and mortality related to smoking.

In comparison with Green Smoke, BluCig is still a less advanced three piece design. This means that you might, after extended use, experience some trouble with atomizers.

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